We began breeding Golden Retrievers when Gene gave Vicky a puppy, named Ox Kill Special Gift Silkie, for a wedding present in 1970.
Over the last 37 years, and from that single dog, seven other generations of beautiful golden memories have emerged. From Silkie came
Ox Kill Sugar N Spice and from her came Ox Kill Sandy Christmas. Our next was a Sandy daughter, who we called Ox Kill Silkies Grand Satin,
and from Satin came the dog you see just to our grandson's left in the photo above, Ox Kill Snuggle Bug. Out of Buggy came the dog to her left,
Ox Kill Summer '99, and the dog on the opposite end of the line, Ox Kill Fairtime Sabrina. Summer's two daughters make up the rest of the canine
crew, with Ox Kill Shamrock to Eric's right, and Ox Kill Serendipity finding a spot in his lap. Since this photo in early July 2007 both Bug and
Sabrina have passed away, but Summer, Shammy, and Sera are still around for us to love! Each dog we have chosen to keep over the years has
not only provided us with love and enjoyment, but have also produced countless numbers of puppies which are loved and cherished by other people.

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