Lara, daughter of Ox Kill Madam Sophia and Metheringham Upton Isaac, was
born March 31, 2004 here at the farm. She is a tall, muscular mare with a great
neck and shoulders, who has the brains and personality to succeed at everything
she attempts. She is the epitome of versatility and is used in cart, team, tandem,
and halter and riding classes in addition to being a broodmare.

CAPTIONS: (Below left 3 photos): She's a Big Girl Now...Here is Lara competing
for the firsttime in an aged mare class, at the 2007 Saratoga County Fair.
Always Picture Perfect...Here is another photo of Lara from the 2007 Saratoga County Fair.
Headshot of Lara. (Far right): New York 2008. Erin driving Lara in the Registered
Mare Cart class at the 2008 New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY

Born April 1, 1992, Koora is out of Ox Kill Surprise Minneapolis and by Ox Kill Duke. She quickly proved to be a star in the show ring, taking dozens of blues and many championship titles as a youngster. Over the years she has also produced many top notch foals, including our hitch mare Ox Kill Madam Sophia, and has served as the wheel in the tandem, unicorn, and four, as one half of our aged mare team, and also as a stellar riding, cart, and showmanship horse. She is currently enjoying retirement, occasionally serving as a babysitter for the weanlings.

CAPTIONS: (Left) She's Still Got It...Here Koora shows off for the judge at the 2004 Delaware County Fair in Walton, NY. (Middle): Soaking Up the Sun...Here Koora relaxes in the summer sun in 2003. (Right): Bringing Home the Blues...This photo was taken at the 1998 Keystone International Livestock Expo, when Koora was just six years old.
Manor Eugenie, born May 24, 2002,
is out of Manor Miss Gina and by
Rookhill's Black Knight. She was imported from England in July 2006, when she was purchased from Terry and Jean Pleavin-Edge of Shordley, whom we thank greatly for giving us the opportunity to own such a great mare. Just a few short weeks after her arrival she made her mark on the show circuit here in the states, placing third in a tough class at Ohio and then taking the Supreme Champion Draft Horse title at the Delaware County Fair in Walton, New York. She was broken to drive and used as a broodmare.

CAPTIONS: Here is a photo of Genie with Gene upon her arrival here at Ox Kill, just
minutes after she stepped off the trailer!
(Below left): Here is Genie the day we picked her up, which was the first time some of us saw her in person! (Middle & right): Here is Genie being shown at the 2007 Saratoga County Fair, looking gorgeous as always!

Sophie was born April 29, 1997 and is out of Ox Kill Koorahana and by Dua He Chi's Roscoe. She is actually Koora's last foal out of Roscoe and so holds a special place in our hearts. Along with her teammate Pearl, she was a member of our mare team and the lead in the four, as well as an accomplished halter and cart horse. She has had many well performing Isaac offspring, most notably her bay daughter Ox Kill Spectacular, who we chose to keep for breeding and hitching.

CAPTIONS: (Above left and inset:) Eliza Matlock, participates with Sophie in youth showmanship at the 2007 NY State Fair Regional Shire Show. (Below middle): Sophie competed very successfully in halter classes for a number of years, continuing her mother's legacy as a top halter horse. Here she is being shown at the 2003 Ohio State Fair Regional Shire Show in a brood mare class. (Right): Here Sophie participates with Jenny Cournoyer, another junior showmanship class.
Korrie was born May 8, 2004 and was purchased as a weanling from Keith Gibson of Gladwin Shires in Dapp, Alberta, Canada. Out of the American and Canadian National Champion mare Acle Betty and by Canadian and American National Champion stallion Tremoelgoch Courage, Korrie had the bloodlines to back up her superior halter record. During her first year with us she was Junior and Grand Champion Mare at the 2005 Ohio State Fair Regional Show. The following year she was Reserve Junior Champion at the 2006 Ohio State Fair National Show, Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Mare at the 2006 NY State Fair Regional Show, and first place Two Year Old Mare at the 2006 Keystone International Livestock Expo. She was also first place Three Year Old Mare at the 2007 NY State Fair Regional Show, the only major show she attended in 2007.
CAPTIONS: (Above:) Korrie takes Junior and Grand Champion Mare at the 2005 Ohio State Fair, as a yearling. (Below middle): Korrie takes the Junior Champion Mare honors at the 2006 Ohio State Fair National Shire Show, as a two year old. (Right): Here is another photo of Korrie being exhibited at the 2006 Ohio State Fair.

Pearl was born March 15, 1996, just eleven days after the legendary country comedian Minnie Pearl, an actress on Hee Haw and institution at the Grand Old Opry, passed away. She is out of Ox Kill Surprise Minneapolis and by Dua He Chi's Roscoe, and is a half sister to her teammate Sophie. She produced many crackerjack Isaac foals, and for almost a decade was an integral part of our show string, serving as the lead in the tandem, unicorn, and four, as half of our mare team, and as a champion riding and cart horse.

CAPTIONS: (Left): Halter Classes. Pearl shows off for the judge in an aged brood mare class at the 2004 Delaware County Fair in Walton, NY. (Third bottom): Junior Showmanship. Pearl participated in a junior showmanship class alongside Zoe Edmunds, who spent the summer of 2003 with us. (Far right): Babysitting. Pearl watches over a sleepy Holly Diggins as they wait for their showmanship class at the 2005 Altamont Fair.

Ox Kill Wonder Woman, born May 14, 2005 is the last foal out of the late Whinmoor Wonder, 2000 American National Champion and 2002 Reserve American National Champion Mare. Her
sire was the two time American and once Canadian National Champion Stallion Metheringham Upton Isaac, making her bloodlines a force to be reckoned with. Smart and a very fast learner, with the size, substance and movement that makes a great hitch horse. She was driven and was shown both in hand and in cart classes at the local and regional shows.
CAPTIONS: (Above): Strutting Her Stuff with
Erin. Deri shows off for
the judge in a halter class in Addison, VT in summer
of 2010.
(Left): Standing
Tall. Deri showing
off before her halter class
at the Addison, VT regional Shire show in 2010.
(Right): Showing Off. Deri showing
in her cart debut
at the 2010 Cobleskill fair.
Taxes weren't the only thing coming due on April 15, 2007! That day we also welcomed Maggie, our first foal of 2007, into the world. She immediately showed her spark, chasing us around the stall as we tried to clean it, trying to tip over the wheel barrow, etc. at just a few days old. Her spark was coated in sweetness however, and her easy going personality makes her a pleasure to deal with. She was shown all over the northeast as a weanling, including appearances at the NY regional and the Massachusetts Equine Affaire. It was here where Maggie, along with her brother Foxy, showed off in front of hundreds of spectators in the Shire breed demonstration.

CAPTIONS: Her Maggie shows off for the camera in July 2011. (Below middle): Playing in the Summer Sun. Maggie struts her stuff in the summer sunshine in July 2011.

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